VLOG001 – My First VLOG – 1st February 2018

Welcome to MySecretWorld, which isn’t very secret anymore. If you’re reading this, chances are you enjoy watching the odd Vlog or two. You will notice this is in fact VLOG001, therefore I should probably be P.C and go right ahead to my introduction; Hi there I’m Scott and I love to play and tweek…
With gadgets of course!
Talking of gadgets, the Vlog you’re about to watch contains many name drops throughout and my personal advice on how I have started up my very first Vlog, which naturally I wish to grow. It would be great if you could join the ride and come along on my journey with me. I can promise a Vlog that will contain an array of genres in the future. For now, hit play, sit back and enjoy: MySecretWorld – VLOG001.