VLOG021 – NEED or a WANT?

Bloody traffic! Don’t you just love point and shoot crispy footage? In VLOG 021, you will see the real me, struggling with my needs and wants, you’ll also see how perfect my life isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I am rich in terms of family, friends and support but what I don’t show you is the everyday struggles that we all experience. PS: The world is not going to end!

VLOG020 – Hoverboard Challenge

Welcome to VLOG 020, just call me Crash Bandicoot. Yes, I am old and do remember this little fella. Google it! You know I told you we were all professional at work. Well today we are having a Hoverboard competition, professional or what? I like to call it team building.

VLOG019 – Context & Competition

Competition time in MySecretWorld this week. Realisation hits that I haven’t actually included much context in my VLOGS so far. In this VLOG, I make a promise to you. Follow me to the cinema with my family that I arranged, only to shirk off and grab a coffee. Well there is no point in all of us being inside, is there? Find out why engine 23 comes to the rescue.

VLOG015 – Oh Sh*t!!

Welcome to VLOG015 aptly entitled “Oh Sh*t” I blame the wife again for not being home when I left my keys at work. Attempting to make it up to the wife, I hang her baskets. Have you ever seen how I clean a barbeque? Watch and Learn peeps, watch and learn. Oh and if you have any ideas on how I can bring the faceless mummy out of hiding, please let me know in the comments below.

VLOG014 – Birthdays!!!

Welcome back to MSW and VLOG013. You will learn how impatient I can be when it comes to new toys. In this vlog I will take you to an animal kingdom, where you will meet some hungry hippos and a faceless mummy, who is a shy creature of habit but I am a professional and managed to film this rare and wonderful species.

VLOG012 – Isla’s Christening

Southsea Strip club Sunday, I think not. Join us for Isla’s Christening and watch all those people we tried to squeeze into that kitchen looking smart and getting drunk. Uncle Barry is feeling left out, no wonder; He is useless. Peppa Pig pops up to say hi and this time it’s not me playing dress up. I’m nearing 37 now so that just wouldn’t be appropriate. Right?