VLOG031 – I have a gig!

Why oh why did I post a VLOG during the England V’s Columbia penalty shootout? What and idiot! I’ve only gone and got my first unofficial gig! The perfect excuse to indulge in my other addiction of buying gadgets. I blame Amazon! It’s never my fault.

VLOG028 – A tiger nearly ate me!

Welcome to my early Sunday morning frown and VLOG 028. You will witness my 3 year old attempting to pole dance in the middle of London Zoo, Swedish translation, more of the family (as if it could get any larger), a crappy lens and onomatopoeia, that’s right, onomatopoeia –Boom!

VLOG025 – We Love Ibiza!

Back in Sensatori – Ibiza for the perfect all-inclusive family holiday. See me get up close and personal to a baby shark. I just wanted to put it out there; Mine is well packed and I didn’t have any problem getting it through security, what? I like to share with my viewers.

VLOG024 – Ibiza Hols (Part 1)

I never knew how much I would miss Baby wow. “What’s the look for eh Lisa?” My lovely wife likes the finer things in life, a whole coach to ourselves, way to go! Travelling in time used to be my ultimate secret, in this VLOG however, I share with you indirectly how I get from Ibiza to Stonehenge, to Exeter in approximately 30 seconds.

VLOG022 – My Holiday Prep

Holiday preppy prep, or not! Now I know that I said I didn’t need it but I do love “crispy.” I just can’t help myself. Perhaps I need to source therapy. Now that’s not actually me saying that, it is in fact a member of the team who creates all my introductions, this is her roundabout way of telling me “Scott, get help!”