VLOG025 – We Love Ibiza!

Back in Sensatori – Ibiza for the perfect all-inclusive family holiday. See me get up close and personal to a baby shark. I just wanted to put it out there; Mine is well packed and I didn’t have any problem getting it through security, what? I like to share with my viewers.

VLOG024 – Ibiza Hols (Part 1)

I never knew how much I would miss Baby wow. “What’s the look for eh Lisa?” My lovely wife likes the finer things in life, a whole coach to ourselves, way to go! Travelling in time used to be my ultimate secret, in this VLOG however, I share with you indirectly how I get from Ibiza to Stonehenge, to Exeter in approximately 30 seconds.

VLOG022 – My Holiday Prep

Holiday preppy prep, or not! Now I know that I said I didn’t need it but I do love “crispy.” I just can’t help myself. Perhaps I need to source therapy. Now that’s not actually me saying that, it is in fact a member of the team who creates all my introductions, this is her roundabout way of telling me “Scott, get help!”

VLOG021 – NEED or a WANT?

Bloody traffic! Don’t you just love point and shoot crispy footage? In VLOG 021, you will see the real me, struggling with my needs and wants, you’ll also see how perfect my life isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I am rich in terms of family, friends and support but what I don’t show you is the everyday struggles that we all experience. PS: The world is not going to end!

VLOG020 – Hoverboard Challenge

Welcome to VLOG 020, just call me Crash Bandicoot. Yes, I am old and do remember this little fella. Google it! You know I told you we were all professional at work. Well today we are having a Hoverboard competition, professional or what? I like to call it team building.

VLOG019 – Context & Competition

Competition time in MySecretWorld this week. Realisation hits that I haven’t actually included much context in my VLOGS so far. In this VLOG, I make a promise to you. Follow me to the cinema with my family that I arranged, only to shirk off and grab a coffee. Well there is no point in all of us being inside, is there? Find out why engine 23 comes to the rescue.