Green socks, sideboard climbing, singing, Gin and Amsterdam. What more could you want from VLOG 035? Apparently personal interaction isn’t allowed on a plane, apparently there is a special club for that? Did you know that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than people? I am not talking metaphorically either…

VLOG033 – F.A.S.T

Vlog 033 starts a little different and is something close to my heart; Tackling strokes. Please watch F.A.S.T it really does save lives.
Moving on to the usual, welcome to festival and geek kit overloads on my journey to film the footage for a well-known festival. Warning: This Vlog features a tomato for a head, or is it my face?

VLOG031 – I have a gig!

Why oh why did I post a VLOG during the England V’s Columbia penalty shootout? What and idiot! I’ve only gone and got my first unofficial gig! The perfect excuse to indulge in my other addiction of buying gadgets. I blame Amazon! It’s never my fault.

VLOG028 – A tiger nearly ate me!

Welcome to my early Sunday morning frown and VLOG 028. You will witness my 3 year old attempting to pole dance in the middle of London Zoo, Swedish translation, more of the family (as if it could get any larger), a crappy lens and onomatopoeia, that’s right, onomatopoeia –Boom!